Brick & Mortar Quicksale Needs by Collection or Product Type

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Hello, I run a brick and mortar boutique that merges curated vintage with emerging brands.

I currently run square - which I Love because it's free AND because I DO NOT have to enter a price for every good and I don't have a big online presence because, I don't.

My business is set up with a bulk of goods in store with a featured collection of best items by collection uploaded weekly and monthly.

That said, I am dealing with just trying to simply get my shop opened without having to enter every single item in. I want to build as I go, meaning I want to sell at the highest product level possible until I can get more specific. 

My business is very hands on and 85% of my sales happen IN STORE, NOT ALL MY ITEMS ARE PRICED AS I AM IN THE ANTIQUES BUSINESS.

IN STORE is where my expertise is. I DO NOT WANT TO SPEND MY DAYS dealing with SEO and all the production necessary in running a large online store.I spent 25 years in corporate retail, three years in Retail consulting and Digitial marketing. I want my days to be fun not stuck dealing with the back end of this. I GET NO PLEASURE OUT OF IT.

I am struggling with some of the features you provide for B&M sellers. 

I'd like to offer a QUICK SALE by CATEGORY so I can still read my sales by category and know how many units are sold within the category without having to look at a quick sale history report.

For example, If I sell a pair of levi's that isn't online but only in store, I just want to quicksale it without having to be forced to stick to certain price points which only create tons of variants. I run my business on AUC of inventory against AUSP which at the end of the month still helps me determine GM against Units Sold.

I find that your friendliness toward B & M isn't that great as it is for online and contemplating VEND for my store and Shopify for online. Anyone use this? How is pricing using VEND with SHOPIFY vs. SHOPIFY ALL IN ONE

Will shopify add a feature that helps retailers that do more of their sales INSTORE (believe me it will shift this way again if specialty retailers create great experiences like I do) be able to adapt to the behavior of both customer and seller?





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Was there ever any response to this inquiry.  We have a Flower and Gift shop and are having the same problems.  We just want to be able to categorize a Quick Sale.  I have been searching and no one seems to have an answer.  

Please Shopify!!!  Based on everything that I have been reading this is a MAJOR problem with the system.  Unfortunately we opted to go with Shopify brfore we knew about this.