Brick and Mortar how-tos?

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It seems like tutorials for the system in a brick and mortar store are sorely lacking.  I kind of feel like I'm fumbling my way through here and I'm opening in a week.  Any helpful tips would be appreciated.  I really just need someone to go through a hypothetical (cash and card) sale, from start to finish.  I also read another thread that says there is no function like an end of day report or settlement do you count out at the end of the night?!! Seems awfully likely money would disappear

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Hello Joy, thanks for your post.

I wondered whether you’d found the Shopify POS docs here:

I’d recommend you take a look at these sections in particular:

Also, it’s worth emphasizing that things like reports, catalog management and inventory are all handled from your Shopify Admin, not from the Shopify POS app:

Hope that helps, and best of luck with your store!