Can I add a date picker to the Shopify POS before checkout?

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I own a custom cake bakery, and we have customers that will visit our retail store in person and order cakes for many weeks and months in the future.  Is there a way to add a date picker option on the POS when we enter the order?  I can't find any detail on this.  We have that option in our online store, but the app we use doesn't offer a way to integrate it with the Shopify POS app for iPad.  

As an added benefit, it would be great if there was such an option, and when a future date is chosen, the items purchased wouldn't be taken out of inventory until that date, so as to not skew my inventory!  But, that's a "nice to have" feature.

Thanks for any suggestions, work-arounds, apps, etc!



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There's a store pick up and delivery app. I haven't used it, but you can review the features and reviews: