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If we have multiple stores in multiple locations worldwide will it be possible to have the local currency displayed in the POS App instead of the default currency on the website?



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there!

I'll shoot this over as a feature request to our developers to see if this functionality can be added in the future. While I can't guarantee that this feature will be added, we're more than happy to pass along suggestions some shop owners may have that would provide greater versatility to the platform, especially our POS. As you can imagine, we're hoping to make the POS as versatile as possible, and multiple currencies might be something we can add in.


Matthew Buttler
Shopify Inc.

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Hi Matthew,

That would be great!
Maybe it's an idea to link it to the ''location'' which you can assign the iPad/POS App too.
So if a store has added an extra store location in the Shopify Back-end (for instance london) then when selecting that location as the default location for the iPad it changes the currency into GBP.

Thanks for the swift reply!




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This is a crucial question for us expanding, and we will need to switch system in the future if this is not settled.
So I do truly hope you are on ball with something.