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Hi all,

I'm building my Shopify store to use and currently held back by POS system. I understand that the way the checkout items are filtered is by collection. However, is there a way to do some deep search in this? Like Collection 1 & Collection2? Or if not, is there a way to separate the items inside 1 collection based on tags?

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Hi, Jolie. 

This is Martha from the Shopify Team. 

It sounds like what might help you with this issue would be creating some more succinct collections within the Shopify platform. More info about collections here.

Creating collections that encapsulate different levels or groupings of products is the best way to approach this. For example, all of these would be a different collection; All products > Clothing > Women's Clothing > Tops > Long-Sleeve Tops.

You could the make these visible within the POS app - steps on how-to listed here

You might also find organizing your products within collections helps with their accessibility on the app. If that interests you please review the steps here.

If you are having trouble navigating the collections, or using the search option to find certain items, then you might want to use a Barcode scanner to add items, in person, to your orders. More about what connects, available here.

If you need some more help or info, please let us know!