Considering switching, but found security issue and more.......

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Here are some of the issues I have noticed.  Please let me know if there are any work arounds:

  1. With the latest update even the lowest level employee can click on "Admin" on the iPad app and gain FULL access to the backend.
  2. Can't have the location name print on the printed receipts only the email receipts can be edited.
  3. No customer display option.
  4. No physical gift cards.
  5. Difficult to take/update a physical inventory.
  6. No support for inventory by location.
  7. No web/browser version like Vend.

General credit card processing questions:

  1. Does Shopify take out the credit card discount fee daily or monthly?
  2. How many days does it take for the deposits to reach your bank account?
  3. Are the bank deposits a perfect match for the day or do they combine deposits and have cut offs that push some transactions onto the next deposit?
  4. Do they really not have any hidden fees?  i.e. extra for AMEX, international cards, reward cards, business cards, etc......
  5. If your internet goes down can you still accept credit cards?

Thanks for helping!

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Chris,

Thanks for posting, please allow me to help with your questions in order.

  1. This is an unintended bit of functionality, and we're releasing an update very shortly to stop that from happening.
  2. You can customize your printed receipts in-app to include the address, see this documentation page for more information.
  3. Where are you looking to display customer information? You can add it to the printed receipt following these steps.
  4. Physical gift cards are not currently available, but if you look around on the forums, we agree that it's a very important feature for retail. Current workaround is a printed receipt and digital gift card that can be emailed. This gift card is also usable on your Shopify online store.
  5. We recommend Shopify Mobile for inventory management, our free app to manage your Shopify store.
  6. You are correct, we currently do not have this functionality.
  7. We opted to create a streamlined and feature rich iOS point of sale, including a lower card-present processing rate with Shopify Payments. Taking orders on the web can be done from your online store's checkout, though.

Hope this is helpful! Please feel free to reply. :-)

As for your payments-related questions:

  1. The credit card processing fee from Shopify Payments is done on each transaction, and you are paid the net. All payments done though Shopify POS (and Shopify Mobile) do not incur any other fees.
  2. Payout times in the USA are 3 days after capture. You can track your payout schedule inside your Shopify Admin.
  3. Payments are combined for the day, but on the UTC timezone. So if you captured at 10PM EST, it would count for the next day's payout. Your payouts are traceable to correspond to each other as part of your payouts.
  4. It is one single rate! AMEX, international, rewards cards as well as basic cards all have the same rate! This rate is tied to your monthly subscription amount, by the way, meaning its possible to change your rate at any time by changing your subscription (such as buying a bigger plan for a busier month, then switching to a cheaper plan after).
  5. Accepting credit card payments on Shopify POS does require an internet connection.
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