Coupon codes for iPad POS?

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I know you can't accept them on iPhone/iPad but I'd sure like to know why.  It's a feature of Android POS but that doesn't work with the chip card reader, bar code scanner, receipt printer, etc.  What a mess.

Any work on this at all since the first thread about it 21 months ago?  Kind of irritating that there is a whole list of people begging for the feature and it goes ignored.  Meanwhile the same feature comes standard on the POS system that retail stores can't use because all the store hardware is unsupported, even though it's just bluetooth.

What's the technical limitation that's holding this up? 

(It's funny, I was interrupted typing this by one of our regular customers who came in who also uses Shopify in his own store and we got to talking about this.  He has the exact same problem.  Needs to use coupon codes and can't.)

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Hello Chris, Brandon here from the Shopify Guru Team :)

While we don’t have it available on the iPad/iPhone POS yet it is not something that we are ignoring. There are differences in how each of the POS apps need to be created and features implemented between the iOS and Android versions which is why some features appear on one and not the other. However we do certainly know that this is a feature that most of our merchants would benefit from having. I don’t have any time frame as to when it would be implemented, but we are trying to get it set up. We do want to have the same functionality across all platforms, it just takes a different approach for each.

Hope that helps :)

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