Creating quotes and adding products for variable prices

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We're new to Shopify and have 2 issues:

1. We are trying to find out how our shop staff can create quotes for customers through our Shopify POS. We want to be able to add description notes, images, price and send to the customer as a detailed quote. This is really important to us and at the demo it seemed you just need to add a tile 'Add quote' but I cannot find this option anywhere in the Shopify POS? Just to be super clear, we do not want customers to create quotes themselves!

2. Separately, we're trying to upload a set of key products (mainly as some are taxed, some are zero-rated so that staff are selecting the correct tax) and want to be able to amend the price of these products at POS when making a sale, rather than upload hundreds of product lines with fixed prices which would then need constant updating. Is there a way around this? 

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@Vicky16 our company has just submitted a POS embedded app to solve this issue. It's currently in review and I will update this thread when it is live in the App Store - hopefully many will find it useful.