Credit Invoices on Shopify POS?? + A4 Printing!!

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Hello Shopify, 


My business is considering moving its POS system to the Cloud and Shopify sounds like a great solution, but I am wondering if we can issue credit invoices (payable within 30, 45, 60 or 90 days)? as we are selling a lot on credit to other businesses. We also sell on cash but it would be nice if we can issue two different types of receipts, so it is easier to manage! 

I read shopify docs and did not find anything that suggest that I can have this feature? 

Also, I am aware that Shopify supports only Star Micronics printer, but I need to print my invoices on A4 sheets and wondering if there is any way around it, and does the Order Printer App solve this problem? 


Thank you,