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Has shopify made any headway with a desktop POS solution? I have multiple companies utilizing shopify web based sales and the only thing holding us back from the POS opportunities is the limited use of Apple devices. While for small business the iPad may be just fine but what about medium to large business? We do large volume on 9 registers during our busy season and these little iPads will not hold up to that kind of abuse, also Bluetooth scanning abilities just wont cut it for quick transactions. 

Temporarily we are using this type of system on a couple Microsoft Surface Pros for our POS in conjunction with using shopify for web sales. We'd like to see shopify come out with a similar set up!

Thanks for the discussion!

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Hi Al,

Jana here from the Shopify Guru team :)

Thank you very much for your suggestion and feedback! 

While there is no timeline in place for the release of a desktop based Shopify POS system at the moment we are constantly growing and evolving so there is nothing to say that there won't be one in the future :)

I will definitely send this up to our developers as a feature request on your behalf!

In the mean time I wanted to point out that having 9 iPads running in your store concurrently is a very feasible, as they are a lot more sturdy then they look :)

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me directly by replying to this post, with any other questions :)


Jana A. | Shopify Guru

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Checking in on this.  Are there any plans now to offer POS on a desktop?   I would drop Lightspeed tomorrow if I could reliably use Shopify POS on my desktop at the shop.

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+1 we need this too

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If there were a Windows Store app for Shopify POS, it would be a breeze to set this up for nearly any user, especially firstline workers. Windows support would be much appreciated.

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Just learned that shopify pos won't run on a PC.. This is 2018! How is this even possible? So basically Shopify pos is an actual POS. 

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Hi all! This is Niharika from India!

I am looking for POS software for my business. I have gone through few websites of leading software discovery platforms. Such as, and Anyone would like to suggest some options for my small business of clothing.

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We would appreciate a desktop app for POS as well. Though working on a ipad in a physical store has its benefits in being able to move around, a proper solution for desktop would be a big plus. Especially in order to use real barcode scanners...