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4 years since this original question was posed and there still isn't a solution. I am really tired of the very BASIC business tools we ask for from shopify that are sill not implemented. 

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A dedicated desktop version from shopify is unlikely for a variety of reasons.

If you need to run it in an usupported unofficial environment like windows use a tool like bluestacks to run the android version on windows.


I am really tired of the very BASIC business tools ..

Calling something basic doesn't make it basic, but it is disingenuous.

Developing POS software is complex let alone distributing it to multiple operating systems let alone for EVERY operating system.

These tools are available for Ipads and Android for a reason.


If your business is solely reliant on windows even for a POS and it's that critical invest in a vendor solution or develop one.







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Hello Niharika

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Hello Niharika,

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