Does POS sale add a shipping fee?

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Basic question about the core funcitonality of Shopify POS. 

When I make a POS sale (at a trade show, for example), does POS add a shipping fee for the sale? Or is it assumed that the customer will be paying for and carrying the item directly?

Thank you.

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no shipping fee added nope.  Sure would be nice to integrate that in instead of haing to create a binder of estimated shipping rates for multiple destinations when I go to trade shows........

So yeah - you need to do "Custom Sale" and type in a shipping fee.  The problem with this is that this essentially creates a single product item called "Shipping" every time you do it.  The system does not recognize this as shipping at all - so lets say you charge a cost neutral shipping fee - if you then run any reports and use the "define" link to remove tax, or remove shipping... to see what your true sales are... all of these POS 'Shippping" items you've created stay in that general sales report - it will ONLY back out the ONLINE shipping fees.  So basically..... that option in the "define" menu is completely useless for anyone who uses POS and ships - it just screws up all reporting.

ALSO for POS to register a shipping address you need to not only enter tha address in the ADD CUSTOMER section - but you also need to press the ". . ." and select "ADD SHIPPING" - this will tie the shipping address to the order.  Otherwise even if you put in the shipping address in the customer section - when you go in your admin and look at the order it will say "no shipping address selected" which then messes up functionality of your shipping apps.