Does Shopify connect different sales points?

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My website is currently being built and will utilize Shopify for online sales.  If I decided to use Shopify as my POS in my brick and mortar store and on Social Media, would all my inventory be linked in the Shopify system?  In other words, if I sell something on the website using Shopify, will the item be taken out of current inventory shown in the POS at my physical store and on Facebook, Instagram, etc.,.?

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there Luann!

Genevieve from Shopify here :) 

Absolutely - the beauty of using Shopify for your Point of Sale, online store, and social media stores is that they're all integrated with the one Shopify store admin. In this way your inventory syncs between the different channels, and you can also manage orders directly from the online admin, regardless of sales channel used :) 

This section of our manual covers all of our sales channels, so that might be a useful reference :)

Hope that helps! 

Genevieve S.