End of Day/shift process

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Hi, we are preparing the make the BIG JUMP into Shopity POS. 

After talking with Shopify support i feel i need to talk to mom and pop shops that are using this system. 

I would like to know how you do your end of day, what report you print to make sure the money taken in  is accounted for. 

We will have three POS in our store.

  • Currently with our outdated but good POS, we do a Z-out, we count cash, and do a batch reaching for the credit cards.
  • Then a store manager gets that tally and they print an end of day report which shows all sales, all payments types and amounts,  all refunds all discounts and they look for any discrepancies with totals
  • Notes are made and cash/checks goes into vault with a despoist slip ready to take to the bank the next day.  

Please let us know what you find is the best way to to the end of day count for your store.

Thank you for your insight. 

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Hi there,

Did you get any solution for this? I am in the same position now that you were when asking this question. I need to get an end of day report from Shopify. How did you work this out?

Best regards, Emma