Existing Gift Certificate and store credit balances when switching to Shopify POS?

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Our Shopify POS hardware will arrive on Monday. We've been using Microsoft RMS for 12 years. Is there a way to migrate or account for existing gift certificate balances from our old system in our new Shopify system so we don't lose all of that?

Any advice on how other stores have handled this  is much appreciated. Thank you.


Shopify Partner
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Hi @IdealBham, I'm Neomi from Rise.ai app,


We specialized in gift cards & loyalty store credit solutions.

We have an integration with Shopify POS that will allow you to migrate all of your existing gift certificates to the new system.

all you need to do is to download a CSV file with all of the gift certificate balance and codes and we will migrate them into Shopify.

You can read here more about our POS gift card solution

and here about how to migrate your existing gift cards into Shopify

All gift cards can work in your physical store and online store as one.
You can use all of Rise solutions including loyalty cards, store credit as refunds, referral program and many more.


checkout our listing page and feel free to contact me at info at rise.ai