Feature Request: Check Gift Card Balance

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I would like to add my voice to those others asking for what seems like a basic POS function. It would be a big help and make for a better customer and employee experience to have a simple feature of checking the gift card balance. Our retail staff don't have access to the backend, as some others have mentioned, which makes one of the workarounds impossible.

It's great that these issues are being brought to the product team, but increasingly we've been pushing up against limitations to Shopify POS with no viable workaround and no planned solution (e.g. standalone customer returns, disabling quick sale in POS, merge customer profiles, etc.). It's disappointing and results in more time spent fixing errors.

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I am interested in having customers manage their balance online -not a physical store.

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Yes, we would absolutely love to see this feature added....make it a tile that you can add.  

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I also want this feature
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Hi Shawn,

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Thank you

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While this is great to know and great functionality - checking gift card balance from a system that generates the gift card is something that should be native to the system and not require a third-party app that additionally requires another paid subscription. This is basic functionality that should be built-in. While I commend you for an app that may be useful to some at this time, let's hope this doesn't deter Shopify from actually addressing a long-requested native functionality, sooner than later.

I agree with the previous conversations about checking the gift card balances.  Our sales team in the pro shop do not have access to the admin side of things to check the available balances.  It would be nice if you could scan the gc code and then show you the balance available like when you go into other stores.  It has been beyond frustrating for our customers to leave the card behind with a note for management to look up.  I also strongly agree most of them know it was a gift yet doesn't have the order number or even know when it was purchased to look up.


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Are you guys even attempting to work on this major issue? If you’re going to charge a premium for your POS system now,I feel all of the basic functions should be there. 

It's been nearly 2 years since this thread was made. How is it even conceivable, that this isn't on the top priority list? How can you allow me to sell a gift card to a customer, but have no way to check the gift card balance. Square has it. Big commerce has it. Retail stores have it. Yet the Goliath E-commerce platform Shopify, hasn't figured it out. Not even a customer portal for them to enter their card? Jesus Christ Shopify. Everytime you push an update and change the color of the admin. Or tweak the order screen with a "view more" button, I shake my head in dissapointment that THAT had more urgency than allowing your PAYING customers the ability to check gift card balances. 

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