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Hi, hope everyone is ok in this horrid Covid era. I have a few questions if anyone can help me out?

We are opening a shop this month and considering the Shopify POS so would like to know;

1, Do you have to add customers personal details when processing a face to face transaction? If there is a queue I literally want to tap and go the payments?

2, If I use another company ie izettle or sumup to process card payments, would I be charged a Shopify fee as well as my izettle or sumup fee? (some fees are reduced due to Covid issues so please let me know as if everything is normal)

3, Can you use any tablet with the Shopify POS, it looks like they only use IPad but I really don't want to go down the Apple road?

4, Regarding the barcodes, do you have to print your own barcodes for each item or can you load in the barcodes that already come on the items?

Any advice warmly received, I have tried looking on youtube but if I am honest the Shopify POS looks so complicated I'm a bit overwhelmed!


P.S I am UK based if that makes a difference


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Hey, @Krissy1011!

Great questions! I'll dive into the answers below. 

  1. No, you do not! You're welcome to submit your sales without customer information. Our Quick Reference help doc will provide more information on how to process a sale using the all-new POS. 
  2. You're welcome to use your own payment hardware while still using Shopify POS. You will not be charged for doing so, however; you do want to ensure the sales are being processed through your external processor before marking the order as paid within Shopify. Doing so ensures your funds are captured accordingly, as there have been cases where external payment processors did not successfully charge the customer, costing the store owner hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. You can learn more about setting up an external payment processor here
  3. The "All-new POS" is only available for iOS devices; however, an android version is being developed. If you choose to use an android tablet instead, then you would use Shopify POS Classic, which is similar to the all-new POS minus UX changes and certain features. You can view the additional features the all-new POS adds here. That said, if you choose to use Shopify to process your payments down the road (i.e. Shopify Payments) then using an Apple device would be recommended as our card reader for the UK only work with iOS devices. 
  4. It is possible to use already created barcodes so long as they are either 1D or 2D barcodes as our POS only supports 1D/2D barcode scanners. You will need to manually enter in the barcode digits which typically need to be 8 or more digits in length. 

I hope that helps answer the questions you have; however, if you have any other questions, or need clarification, please let me know!

Peter | Social Care @ Shopify
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