Filling Online Orders From A Retail Location

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We do, using Shopventory to sync between Shopify & Square. I would not recommend this, though. We are having tons of issues with our data in that system. 

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We do use the shopify POS solution for in our stores and it has advantages and disadvantages. I could recommend it for smaller retail with only one location or with a pop-up store. It has some great features and actually everything you need to be an omnichannel retailer. We fulfill from stores, regardless whether this is an online order or store order.


However we do have a ton of issues if it's getting a bit more difficult, to mention a few;

- rights management; you can do almost nothing or you can do everything

- closing the cash loop for accounting purposes, near to impossible

- selling stock from another store requires quite an effort, different logins etc

- multiple lines of reporting; turnover per employee & turnover per store goes as long as there's stock in that store. When we reach the area of "draft orders" we need to have the staff-schedules vlook-ed-up in an export of this to see what has happened. Same with the cash trail here.

- refund process and replacement process, order editing is not possible, so tons of workarounds with discount codes and such

- fulfilment "logic" only based on manual setting of store order, not by using the oldest stock or least busy store


Could go on for quite a while and lose my temper, but that's not nice ;-)

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Hi there, this app, Draft And Custom Orders For POS, ( can likely help.


Before this app, you would have to go into the Shopify Admin (on the computer) to create or edit a draft order, and then in order to checkout/charge a customer, you would have to email/send them the invoice link or charge them through your computer. Now with this app, you can create a custom draft order right within POS, and you can add that draft order straight to the POS cart in order to checkout/charge the customer inside your retail store or in person. 


Then once you checkout a customer with a draft order, you can view the completed order in the orders section of the POS app, and do whatever you'd like (e.g. print a receipt)


Link to the app:


More info:


With Draft And Custom Orders For Shopify POS you can now do the following all within the Shopify POS app for any device:

  1. Add existing products from your current inventory
  2. Create and attach a new service (including the length of the service, the per-hour rate, and any supplementary notes)
  3. Create and attach any new custom products that aren't currently in your inventory
  4. Specify a workflow status with your custom draft order (i.e. New, Estimate, Open, Pending, Completed)
  5. Create a new and/or attach an existing customer to the custom draft order
  6. Set a discount on the overall custom draft order
  7. Email the breakdown of the custom draft order to the selected customer
  8. Add the custom draft order straight to the POS cart
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We have a custom clear out "to fulfill" set up so save personnel can screen that unmarried display screen. They have to choose the local services their personal shop and the filter is about to "open orders, paid, unfilfilled and partly fulfilled"

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same question. if you find any best answer please tell me as well.

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It takes an experienced person to manage inventory, warehouse products, pick and pack orders, and ship orders and there are complexities that go with each step of the fulfillment workflow. You need inventory to fulfill orders from your sales channels before you can fulfill orders from your website store. The storage of inventory. Order processing. Shipping. Returns processing.

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