Having Zero value items on the POS

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Hi -

I've been trying to convince Shopify to make an update to the the POS so that it is possible to have an item with $0.00 and then add the price as necessary. Right now the only way I can achieve this is by creating the item with $0.01 and then changing the quantity.  So for something that I want to charge $3.50 I have to enter a quantity of 350 this really messes with inventory. There's no way to just adjust the price. I can't use Quicksale because it takes too long to type in the name of the item, plus I don't charge tax on these items, and Quicksale automatically charges tax. I also can't have staff going into the backend and adjusting the price as we are too busy. It's just way too complicated. We should be able to adjust price and quantity on the POS. This seems pretty basic for a POS.

I've looked at other POS systems like ShopKeep that have this capability. Has anyone else felt this would be a good feature to have on the POS or run into the same issue?