How customizable are retail receipts?

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I'm not certain that I'm able to set up my receipts the way I'm legally required to. 


Item #1                            $100.00

Resort Tax of 1.5%             $1.50

Subtotal                           $101.50

Sales Tax of 6.75%             $6.86

Total                                 $108.36

I have a resort tax (taxable tax) of 1.5% which is applied to line items and must appear on the receipt before the subtotal. It must also be included in the subtotal on the receipt. The local sales tax is then applied to that subtotal as seen above. Does anyone know if this is possible?

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We charge different tax rates for admission vs physical goods (10% vs 6.35%). The taxes are listed separately from one another but I see no way of adding tax before the subtotal. I don't personally see a way that you can do this with Shopify POS.