How to change barcodes

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I have a store online ( and because I also sell on conventions (and I wanted to keep my stock updated) I use the POS system with the Socket-barcode scanner. 

I used the Shopify app 'Barcode printer' to assign barcodes to my products. But most of my products have barcodes already... So instead of assigning and printing new barcodes, I can use those with the system.  

BUT, is there a quick and easy way to change the barcodes I made by the already excisting EAN barcodes, perhaps by using the barcode-scanner? Or do I have to change it manually?! 


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Two years later and I’m also looking for this information. One of the advertised features of Shopify, and a decision maker when we did live video conferences with the sales teams, was that we could use the already existing barcodes for items. But there does not seem to be an automatic way to scan them in via the app or even on the Shopify admin