How to put an "open" price in Shopify POS?

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I think my explanation needs an update. Many of our customers have had brick and mortar stores for much longer than their online enterprises, including those that helped us beta test and design POS early on.  

I'm only describing the relationship of the POS products as it applies to weight and fractional items today. Its important to be verbose about what the software does when planning which tools to use for your business.

As for the type of solution Paul outlined, this customization can be done now online for a Shopify store. We had to make choices for what to build into the iPad app and our beta testers informed our decisions. Many customers are starting their businesses with Shopify pop up shops on their phones or migrating to POS-only setups and not even using the online store. We decided to leverage the online store technology where it made sense. 

Before our iPad POS Solution an external app would need to keep Shopify and POS items in sync. This was filled with sync issues and a major pain point. Currently with our system we avoid the pain of sync, inventory and multiple representations by having one location for the data - Shopify. Since we are providing one location to store the products we must standardize the way products can be broken down. 

The POS is a mirror of online inventory, in this way its an extension of the online store. 

We want to have the best solutions for our merchants. Please continue to let us know what is difficult or could help you sell faster/more etc. Shopify and all our apps are part of an evolving commerce system.

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  • I want to sell beef mince (ground beef) for $4.99 per kilogram
  • A customer wants 300g
  • I can sell them 300 units of beef, where 1 gram = 1 unit
  • 1 gram of beef @$4.99/kg = 0.499 cents
  • Shopify can't have inventory items priced at fractions of a cent, therefore I can't do it this way

Took me a minute to figure out why the math wasn't working , i hope you mean: 1 gram of beef @$4.99/kg = 0.00499 cents

  • In store where are your rounding breaks?  What is your minimum sellable weight store/online?
  • Can someone order 1001 grams for $4.99 because of discard & rounding ($4.99499)?
  • Mostly rhetorical: do you sell 1 gram at .00499 cents by itself,if so how?

Or start around  3grams@$0.01(0.01497 discarded) or 3grams@$0.02(0.01497->0.015->.02)?

Example range 3grams@$0.01 - 1kg@4.99


Now the insight, while 10 x 100grams = $4.90, on the fronted of your shopify store just replace accumulated units with the matching variant of the parent unit so 1x300grams becomes the  .3 Kilograms variant priced@4.99/kg.


  1. User selects grams
  2. User selects 100
  3. User enters 10 for quantity
  4. Store UI displays the cost of the parent units fraction and then either changes their selection to 1 kilogram or code in the cart changes it to the proper units.


  1. Employee selects proper variant.

The next hurdle would be how to address the intermediaries like 1011 grams. Which would have to be 2 products||variants: 1kg and 11grams.

There is also the option, if your not letting customers using the POS themselves(self-checkout), to use the discount system to bring a price in-line to what is needed based on agreed-upon conventions for the store employees to follow.

tldr; limit the fractions(4ths,10ths,etc) you sell in and price variants accordingly with smaller units being rounded up greedily and make the web-frontend change the units seamlessly or have employees at the POS follow the use-parent-unit convention. 


Further tldr; Trying to do rounding to 5 decimal places in a system that uses absolute amounts in pennies throughout the api for sanity reasons will drive you mad. See javascript floating point units problem.

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Thanks John_Helm for explaining this "solution" in a clear manner.  It just might work for us as well.

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That’s exactly what I am looking for is a button so I do not have to type the tile every time just the price. I own a used book store and I’m in the middle of inventorying everything but since I have over 60,000 products it’s going to take a while. So I’m the mean time I would love to have an option to make a product tile on Shopify POS so I can click it and just input the price of the book that I have not inventories yet. I was using square before Shopify and I was able to do this. 

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I am looking for an "open" price option as well!

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We are in the same boat. Our brick and mortar store has several items that aren't on our website that we don't inventory. Would be nice to be able to click a button that is "Desk" and enter its price. Is this possible?

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Hi guys,

After adding a product to your cart, click on the product's name -> discounts > price override.

You can do so to the entire cart as well if preferred.


Happy Q4!

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product name -> discounts -> price override isn't available at least on an iPhone. Maybe it's a tablet only thing?

Also pretty bummed about this not being as easy as Square.

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Hi all,

Our company has developed an app that solves this issue and I'm happy to share that it was just approved earlier today! You can find it here: If this URL ends up changing, please search for "POS Variable Price Products" in the Shopify App Store.

Here is a short video demonstrating its functionality:

It also features the ability add tax-exempt line items, adjust inventory, and retain COGS reporting. 

For any merchants who are specifically selling by weight, we also have another app specifically designed for that use case (currently with a 5-star average rating):

I'm the founder and developer - if you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me directly at