Import by CSV - Shopify POS - Published just on ONLINE STORE

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I use mainly Shopify POS for my phisical retail store ( not yet interested at the online store for the moment, still need to work on it )

I just imported 30 new products thanks to CSV importation. 

I received an email saying the products were imported, I go on the app SHOPIFY POS trying to find the products I just imported with the CSV but however I do not find them.

I later figure out that as default they are published online but not on the POS, for which there is an additional step, to select them all with bulk editor and make them available on POS/PHYSICAL STORE.

Isn't possible to make this happen directly when I am uploading the file CSV?  I would like to have both option automatically selected when I import with CSV, online AND pos for each SKU.

Thanks for your help