Important Shopify Pos Features We Need !

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After every business day, we sell over 300 items on busy days. and we have almost 5000 different item at the store. We bought Shopify pos for reports. Few things we need but we couldn't see so far,

  We need a pick list with Item picture-name-SKU number-how many we sold the previous day. So we can print and our morning employees can restock the shelves with that list.



  • We don't want all cashiers to do refunds
  • We don't want all cashiers open the register whenever they want..
  • We don't want all cashiers to see that day's total sales or past dates sales numbers?


  • We would like to see the dollar amount of sales of each pos locations on the first top screen. It shows the total amount from every channel or only online I guess. Everytime you need to go reports and scroll all the way down to see how much we did so far on each place. So we can call this "adjustable preview charts "Maybe?


If you can put a switch button on the inventory tab for mobile app, When we click it only shows  search box you can type in UPC/SKU/item id or you can scan with camera. It finds the item and directly pops the quantities and you just type in the number and save and pass the next one.

We lose a lot of time on counting with loading time and scrolling and extra clicks. 

A plain counting screen would be great.


5. Long receipts

We would like to have an option of add/remove the signature from the receipt


  • These are basic features, I know Shopify new on retail it needs time to get perfect. I hope you don't advise me third-party apps for those. We already pay extra on bunch apps for Shopify`s missing features. We don't want to pay $850 annual to Shopify and another grand to apps for missing details.


These five things only few I wrote so far. I will update as much as I can do. We have 3 accounts. On one of it has 2 retail locations, 1 warehouse, and 1 website, second one 1website 1retail and the third one only website. I`m experiencing all the different problems. I will keep you updated with them.

Thank you