Inventory Management - Base Inventory + Limited Variables

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I run a clothing boutique and I'm having trouble finding a way to setup a custom graphic t product listing. The goal is to setup a product listing for a single screen print design and allow the customer to select shirt color and size.

We purchase pre-made screen print designs (usually in increments of 10 per design). Sometimes the designs are available for repurchase but that is not always the case. We stock blank shirts in a variety of colors and sizes. I'm looking for a way to use the blank shirts as a base inventory and link across several product listings while also limiting product availability to the number of screen prints per design.

My issue is that while we may have 100's of blank shirts to choose from, there are really only 10 screen prints available for that listing. Is there a way to control product availability based upon the inventory level of 1 variable? 


Graphic T Product Listing 1

Variable 1 Inventory = 10 Screen Prints

Variable 2 Inventory = 20 S/Black Shirts

Variable 3 Inventory = 10 M/Black Shirts

Variable 4 Inventory = 30 L/Black Shirts

Variable 5 Inventory = 10 XL/Black Shirts

If I sell 3 S/Black Shirts, 3 M/Black Shirts, 4 L/Black Shirts I will have several shirts remaining but zero screen prints available. The product listing would still show product availability even though we have no more screen prints.

Any suggestions?

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This is an accepted solution.

Hey Jason,


I've had similar requests from a few clients and we have found the following application works great:



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Thank you! I'll take a look.