Inventory Reporting Needs (Help)

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We are new to Shopify POS and are having trouble finding a way to do the following things:


  1. How do we adjust items out of the system in a way that it can be documented? For example, 2 items are damaged, and we must damage them out at a cost of $2 each for extended cost of $4…how do we do this and then subsequently report those actions?
  2. We need a report that shows internal charges through a certain time period. For example, we give 3 items to our development department that must be removed from inventory. We need something that reports those actions.
  3. How do we receive new items into the inventory in a way that we can document? We need something that can be attached to an invoice that shows the product received, how many of each product, the cost, retail amount for each product, extended retail amount for each product, and a receiving total that would match the invoice and the extended retail amount showing what we should make off the product received.
  4. We need a report that shows the cost of inventory on hand as of a certain date.
  5. We need a report that shows the cost of items sold through a certain date range and have the month and year to date cost of items sold.  
  6. We need a way to replicate our year-end inventory process, or a mechanism to do a year-end inventory.
  7. We need a way to produce inventory valuation/variance report.

We've explored the app Better Reports, and we're talking to reps from Stitchlabs and TradeGecko. Better Reports gave us a way to do items 4 and 5, but none of the others, and it's unclear at this time whether or not Stitchlabs or TradeGecko can give us what we need. We're hoping for one solution for all of the items listed.


Anyone here know of an app, a collection of apps, or any other solution that gives us all of these features/reports?


Please help!

Thank you.



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If anyone can help with even one of these items, I would be very grateful. These needs are pressing for our organization. Thanks.

Shopify Partner
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Hi @mdorsey,

I can help you resolve all of your needs if you haven’t found anyone else. I’m a data Integration solutionist for online retailers with a primary focus on the Shopify platform. Problems like what you’re facing are the reason I started my agency. I leverage Microsoft’s data platform and several custom integrators to assist my clients with even the most complex of data and reporting issues.

Let’s chat today to get your business past this roadblock. Just reading through your list brings a few things to mind. Feel free to email me: