Invoice/receipt printing via Shopify POS

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I've been testing Shopify POS, and for what my shop's needs are, it'll likely fit the bill. Believe it or not, we're currently doing things the very old fashioned way, with triplicate receipts, a calculator, etc. :)

My question is this: obviously we can print regular receipts, via the BT receipt printer, which we'll use 75% of the time. But can we also print a nicer looking 8.5x11" invoice, via Airprint, with compatible printer? We'd like to be able to do this for larger purchases. I've yet to connect one yet, so I don't know if it'll work. 


Thanks in advance!!

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Hello Jeff! Paul here, from the Guru team.

You can absolutely do that with Shopify! I would recommend using our free app, Order Printer!

It will let you print 8.5x11" invoices for your orders, and there is all sorts of template customization available! Check it out!


Paul B


Hi Jeff,

If you want Invoice designs that are a bit "nicer" looking, and customizable than what comes with the free Order Printer app, checkout my Order Printer Templates app:

All templates are a one time purchase, so no ongoing costs ;)

If any questions come up, feel free to post here or send over a support request from the app.


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