Is it possible to use a card reader to swipe in the Shopify admin?

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We use the shopify admin to conduct business in person in a retail store. Is it possible to use something like a magtek card reader to swipe credit cards info into shopify payments without getting the keyed (online) entry rate?

Better yet, would the shopify branded wireless bluetooth readers work for this application?

The reason we use the admin for taking orders in person is that our business takes a lot of notes on the customer orders, and there is a lot of typing and timeline comments between employees, etc on these orders, and the iPad is just not a good tool for our situation. Too slow, screen too small, etc.

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Hey there, 

Trevor the Guru here!

Using the Shopify card readers with the Shopify admin wouldn't be possible. This hardware was created and designed to be used with our POS, so it wouldn't work for the admin or third party POS systems. Using third party hardware wouldn't work within the admin either as the hardware wouldn't integrate into the system. 

To take advantage of the "In Person" credit card rates it would require that you use the Shopify POS, as any orders processed through your online store would be charged the online rates for Shopify Payments. 

I hope this information helps!

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Trevor M

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