Item Can't be Shipped

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I'm getting a message for certain phone orders that "Item Can't be Shipped. Remove this item from the cart and try again." It's not saying that for the entire order just for a specific item or two. My recollection from previous instances of this is that the items are out of stock, but so are other items that it's not saying this about. (Side point: If you're curious how come we're shipping something out of stock, we just switched to Shopify and unfortunately some of our inventory counts are off but we physically have the product in stock.)


Anyone else encountering this and found out how to fix it?

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It's possible that the products causing the "Item can't be shipped" message aren't configured to ship. In the admin, if you go to the specific product page, under the shipping section there is a  "This is a physical product" checkbox. Is this checked for the products that can't be shipped?


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