Large Images instead of list display on android tablet POS

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I would like to see an image of my product with the price under it in my POS system in a grid fashion.  Right now it has a listing line instead of image grid and an image in the listing line so small that it is not easily distinguishible as to what it is and its without the price.  I have seen the POS video that shows images of the products in a grid format with pricing under each.  Is that only availabe in the retail package?  

Thanks in advance for your help

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hey Crafted Gallery,

Chantal, Shopify Guru here!

Currently on the Android POS app, the products are only able to be viewed in a list. The only place where they are viewed as tiles with larger product images is on the iPad POS app:


Chantal, Shopify Guru

Chantal, Shopify Guru
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So when will this option be enabled on Android tablets?

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Same, pls grid on Android device pls.