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This question has been asked hundreds of times over various forums and is a simple adjustment in your coding for permission and Shopify POS.  Customers have been asking for well over a year!!!

I run a pharma company in the animal health space.   We have a contract sales team that I would like using the Shopify POS app for the ipad when visiting veterinary clinics.   I don't want these reps having access to export all of my customers, seeing my financials, adjusting permissions and creating discounts as they please.   I only want them having access to creating customers, editing customers, creating orders, editing orders and viewing products.   This is the main functionality of the shopify POS anyway, why can't premissions in the web version be set to reflect this?

This impacts MANY people   I am current checking out ZOEY, Magento, BigCommerce, and other apps that can meet these needs.   I rather not migrate unless absolutely neccessary.  When I spoke to shopify POS customer service - the gentleman said - oh, jusy have your rep log into the shopify website through their safarti brower - not the right answer. 

Will someone please fix this ASAP!



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Hey Erik,

Richard M from Shopify here!

I definitely understand your frustration with the limitations here—this kind of feedback is really appreciated, and the good news is that this is definitely one big way that changes happen here at Shopify. Although this issue has been something ur merchant's have been struggling with for a while, our feature request system is paying attention to this. I've added another vote to this as well thanks to this post! :)

I don't have an ETA on when this might be actioned unfortunately, but I would recommend checking back in this forum post from time to time, as it seems like this is where the bulk of discussion is going on about this issue.

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I would also like to see this. I feel this is a completely basic feature that shouldnt be an issue for you guys. 

Add my name to a list of Business Owners that will be leaving Shopify if you can't secure this soon. Operated proudly before Shopify and will gladly cancel. 



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Thanks Conner - I personally am in the middle of trials for BigCommerce, Zoey and possibly going all out Magento.   I have even started my data migration.  I agree this is basic functionality that is a simple configuration for the Shopify folks.   It is already causing me significant headaches with my contract sales team.

Shopify - take note - No store owners wants employees or contractors to have free reign on their customer lists, order history, admin features, etc.   I am fearful if I release the Shopify POS to my reps, there is a potential for them to export all of my data!  If I don't use a Shopify ipad/mobile POS (for contract pharma reps) then we are missing out on thousands of $$$ in sales!




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Lack of functionality to restrict agent permissions in the admin section (refunds, exports, etc) is a real limitation- especially for big businesses that get audited. Please fix this!
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It has been 3 years. I am still not able to find any option to limit my POS staff accounts from accessing simple features like discounts. I do not want my POS staff accounts to be able to access and use this discount section on the POS incase they might just create 100% off orders or abuse the feature. Has this or will this ever be fixed. I know a lot of other E-commerce platforms who are quite new too that have this implemented right away!


This shouldnt be too hard to code as you already have staff pos permissions but thats all regarding the settings side. Why isnt there any option to limit what the POS staff can do ' creating orders / discounts ' wise. 

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We are facing the same issue! 

Its really a simple feature that we would expect to see in a well established platform. Moreover, when having different sales reps there should be limitations of how much they see/edit of each others sales. We are still a small business (5 employees) yet this is a real struggle, and yes we are considering other platforms only to resolve this issue. 

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We just got onto Shopify with 5 locations and after investing lots of time and money realized that POS permissions does not work as it suppose to work, i.e. limited access to staff. Therefore we already start looking to migrate to some other platform. It seems shopify is not listening to it's customers.