Loosing Bluetooth connection

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We have had problems keeping our iPads paired with our Shopify supplied label printer, barcode reader, and credit card readers.  What was an occasional problem has become a crisis where we need to force quit and/or re-boot our iPads multiple times a day. Areother people having this problem?

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Robby - we are also having this issue since updating to IOS 11. 

On multiple occasions, it's showing connected on the Bluetooth section but not on the Shopify app, definitely an issue somewhere and we are STUCK!

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It appears I am having this issue as well, though I am setting up my store so have not used the devices on another iOS.  I have tried everything to fix the disconnects - I restored the printer to factory settings, unpaired both the printer and card reader and paired the again, etc.  The ipad says that both the printer and card reader are connected, but the shopify POS says they are disconneced.  I have spent hours trying to figure this out and am about to abort this shopify thing and try something else!  They do reconnect after powering down and powering back on, but do not stay connected long.  This is so frustrating.


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We are currently facing the same problems. The hardware is not staying corrected,.

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Also having the very same issue, very frustrating at times

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Same here. It‘s not possible to work like this. 

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This is a CRITICAL issue for us as well. We do hundreds (sometimes thousands) of transactions via multiple POS terminals.

I have found a temporary fix that I wanted to share with everyone:

1) Open Shopify POS, login, select Store (3rd icon at bottom), then select Hardware to see the status of the bluetooth connections with your devices (seems like a lot of instructions, but it only takes a second to do)

2) Double click the home button to access Control Centre (or swipe up in iOS 11 from the bottom of the screen)

2) Turn off Bluetooth, then pause 1 second, then turn it back on

3) All devices should reconnect within 2-30 seconds (YES, 30 seconds is a lifetime when a customer is standing in front of you, but I usually just keep talking about something to keep them engaged)

4) That should help. We kept turning the printer/scanner off and on, but this is WAY faster we found

** I suspect that this is a result of the new way that iOS manages the bluetooth connnections to save battery power. Shopify needs to update the POS app to keep a more persistent connection and to reflect the new power management of bluetooth in iOS 11. We found this became a problem when we updated to iOS 11 (although we did have problems before, but NOT this many) I am calling Shopify Tech Support today with the details on what I have found. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! #retailproblems :)

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Yesterday we just did not log out of shopify POS, once we had a connection.

Somehow this way the connection stayed stable all day long.

Maybe we were just lucky. Let's see.

But since we have multiple employee logins and i would really like to use them, this can't be the solution.

Good luck!

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Hi everyone,

[Posted this in another thread too!]

We are aware of the issue and have identified it as a bug introduced by Apple as part of iOS 11. Our team is working with the printer manufacturer to figure out a solution to the problem. We apologize for any inconvience this causes and will update the forum once a fix is available.



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The tempory fix that Dave Nelson spoke up works, but it's a pain. Thankfully we are a low volume store, so the extra minute aren't a burden. 

We did some testing and everytime shopify pos times out (you have to enter your pin) it disconnects bluetooth devices. Now I know that Shopify says that's it is a problem with IOS 11, but the devices stay connected to the ipad, just not shopify. 

Coders at  Shopify better be working nights trying to get this solved. I'm already looking at other POS systems.