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Switching from Square has highlighted several gaps in the "new and improved" shopify POS.  We mainly want to use our loyalty program from the POS, but because of shopify's poor job of merging customers, the ability to call up a customer at the POS is nearly an impossible task.  Too many customers come up, and you cannot easily find the customer entry that has the loyalty program tied to it.  We have tried to export and merge customers in excel, but becasue shopify wont let you delete customers with orders, the duplicates remain.

Smile.io and Rise.ai both query the shopify customer data table first, which does not automatically exclude customers without accounts, so it is a guessing game.  Smile.io doesnt work with the new POS so we are trying to find a replacement, but Rise.ai also calls up the customers the same way.  


Surely someone out there has a fix for this, it has rendered our loyalty program hugely inefficient and super confusing to manage.  It seems like the root cause is the widely discussed customer data management process of Shopify and how it is extremly lacking functionality.  SHOPIFY, you must find a way to merge customers.  THIS IS NOT AN OPTION ANYMORE, especially if you keep upselling your POS.  Do some research, fix this issue so we can do basic processes from the POS that Square has figured out long ago.  Please, this make your POS continue to look like an amateur platform, you need to fix this.  And loyalty programs, you can also find a better way to pull up only customers with accounts created, and not search the whole customer list.

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Hi @balladofthebird it's Neomi from Rise again,

I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Rise POS solution, I checked with our tech team and you should be able to solve all of the duplicates problems using our app.

This is exactly what we are doing for merchants all over the world.

We would like to offer you a new 7 days free trial and an onboarding call with one of our success managers to help you solve this issue and make sure you will get the most out of your Rise experience.

you can schedule a call in this link


please don't hesitate to contact us with any question at info@rise.ai