Mark as Paid - without entering any payment method

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This is partially a training issue, but it would be nice if an employee was unable to mark an order as paid when they have not yet entered any payment method.

I know a "Payment Incomplete" warning comes up, but they are still able to select "Mark as Paid" to continue.

Is there a way to disable this option? or will there be in the future?

If the employee runs into a "road block" then they will know something is wrong and they need to do something differently.

Thanks, your continued support is greatly appreciated and I am confident this will be a great product!

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey there!

At this time there's not really a way to disable the ability to mark as paid, as there can be a few situations where a shop owner may wish to accept partial payment-- it's effectively an override to circumvent any issues that the shop owner may have, such as a network connection issue for processing credit cards, or any other situation where payment cannot be verified on the spot.

However, I can definitely see the case where one may wish to disable this option, and so I will launch a feature request with our developers to see if this functionality can be added in the future. While I can't guarantee that this feature will be added, we're more than happy to pass along suggestions some shop owners may have that would provide greater versatility to the platform.


Talk to you soon!

Matthew Buttler
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I agree. You should allow only managers access to this, and require approval by way of entering a manager PIN if you attempt to do this.