Missing orders in Admin

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I work with a client that processes hundreds of POS orders a day. With some frequency orders don't appear in the Admin. A receipt prints fine, but then in the Admin there is a gap in the order numbers. The issue isn't the wi-fi connection. Simply some data is not making it in to the Admin. This has proved to be very frustrating as some of these orders are "ship home" orders, and thus having the information in the Shopify Admin is crucial. Problems like this make it harder to recommend the POS.

If anyone reading this has experienced something similar and has a solution, sharing the information would be much appreciated.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the post. I totally agree that this should never ever happen. We treat issues like this very seriously so we will do everything we can to figure out the root cause. First a few questions:

1. Are the orders that are not being synched to Admin appearing in the iPad itself?

2. Can your client provide error logs to us? You can do this by clicking "Need Help?" then "Error Report". 

I think it will be best to continue the troubleshooting through our support channels to avoid sharing your clients info publicly.