Need to be able to check PHYSICAL Gift Card balance for customers

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I only sell physical gift cards as of right now. I offer the ecards, but they aren't being purchased. The problem we have is when they are given as gifts often times the giver doesn't tell the customer how much is on there. Or, they use only part of the balance and then forget what their balance is.  Is there an easy way for us to check with the Shopify POS system, or can they check someplace on line, like through our website (which would be a brilliant idea because then they are likely to buy something).

Please advise. I don't want to keep telling my customers that we don't know how to do that!



Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hi Roshan!

I'm Brenda from the Shopify Support Team! :)

That's a great question about Shopify Gift Cards, and in both cases the answer is yes! 

Providing you know the Order Number or Customer Name from the original gift card purchase, you can look up the balance from your POS.

First, you'd need to find the Order from your Shopify POS Orders screen. Once you pull up the order you'll be able to click on the gift card number to find the remaining balance:


You can also look up the gift card information, if needed, in your Shopify admin following the steps outline here:

Your customer can review the balance of their gift card in a couple of ways as well.

The balance will be printed on the original receipt, and any follow-up receipts created from a purchase:


In addition, with an in-person purchase, you'll have the option to associate the order with a customer. This will send a gift card email to the customer which they could then pass along to the recipient, allowing the recipient to review the balance.

In addition, if the customer would like the recipient to receive the gift card email immediately, you can add the recipient's email address to send it to them during checkout:


Hope this helps, Roshan! If you have any additional questions about this, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team any time. :) 

Have a great day,
Brenda | Shopify Support Team

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Hi Brenda,

Can you please confirm the remaining balance is displayed to the customer through the gift card email. We would like to allow the customer to view remaining of there gift card.


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Hi, I'd like to share a trick that works for us.

When we need to check the remaining balance of a gift card at POS, we just add a very expensive item in the cart (you can even create a custom sale for an item worth $1000).

We then check out and select gift card as payment option, key in the gift card code, and the remaining balance of the gift card will be the amount that can be paid by the gift card.

Hope that this helps :)

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Hi @Roshan_Richards, I made a video tutorial for you on how to check PHYSICAL Gift Card balance for customers. Hope this helps!