New Application Idea, please share your thoughts

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I care about preserving the environment and the independent shops around the country (I believe that they benefit greater to local communities and the country as a whole than the online giants).


Compared to two years ago there are better solutions on the market for electronic receipts, but they are all segmented from the customer point of view. And it seems that there is little online representation of local shops, where one can search for one around them, be it for new experience or sales.


I would like to create a dedicated, open network application that tackles both and aims to wok for both – the consumer and the merchant. Consumers will have a number of options to link the electronic receipt to their app account without given out any personal details, because who likes to stand in the middle of the shop giving out their information? Both, consumer and merchant, get a dedicated application where they can view and manage their receipts.


In addition, the merchant gets the benefit of creating digital ads to be shown on the consumers app, be it ales or just saying “we are here”. The consumer can search for such via the app.


The electronic receipts function is free. The ads are paid, using a simple flat fee system, with the option to push notification to users and pay only when user clicks, not just sees the ad in the list.


This is where the benefit of the platform being open comes in. Yes, some merchants want to keep the consumer information, but there are two problems with that that I see: 1. Keeping personal information. I, as a customer, often do not use such functions as I do not want for many shops to have my details. 2. You limit your marketing to only existing customers. With open network, you have the option to market to wider audience around you, giving better reach directly to consumer phone, not their email spam.


So, from environmental point of view, we help to digitise the businesses and to lower the use of paper receipts and flyers. From the merchant point of view there is a platform for reaching existing and new customers.


If this takes of, I have a number of ideas for additional functions for merchants and consumers alike.


Questions, feedback and thoughts are very welcome :)