New Feature Request: Different Pricing For POS vs Online and Inventory Sync

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We sell at events and have different pricing for POS vs online.  We currently have to duplicate the online products and classify them POS sale only and change the price.  We can’t use discount codes for the online product because there’s too many variants in the pricing on products online.  We set our price to one for all products at the events for POS.


What would be GREAT is if the inventory for the POS would sync with the online product inventory.  But currently it does not.  Would love to see this feature soon!



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I am desperately searching for this funcationality as well. Their work around is to just enter the product twice with the two price points and set one to POS only. Well that is not very helpful for syncying with accounting software and tracking COGS!

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Hi Darren & Melissa, did you get an answer or solution to this issue in the end?

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Finally found an app that will help with this. Wish it was built in shopify too, but in the meantime this will work. Simplesync $10/month and free 5 day trial. 

1. Duplicate the product(s) you want to be both online and on POS. Keep the same sku for both, you can have different prices, tags, types, whatever. I added (POS) to the title of the duplicated ones. Hide the "POS" ones from online, and hide the "online" ones from POS. 

2. They sync the inventory between the 2 automatically. Plus it will restock both in the event of a return. I checked and the sync happens instantly. 

*I have about 4000 - 5000 different products that I wanted to do this with so I exported my products csv and duplicated them myself in excel and then imported them to shopify. Took me approximately 10 mins. 

My only solution before was to open another shopify store (another $29/month) and use an app to sync the inventory between the 2 (approx. another $15/month). A main reason I had switched to Shopify POS was to save money from my previous POS.

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If you are open to creating duplicate products - one for online and one for POS - then you can use the Duplicate SKU sync app to keep the inventories in sync. It costs $5 per month.

This way you can have different pricing for online and POS while maintaining the same inventory levels.