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I am a little confused about the locations with Shopify POS. I setup my online shop but I also vend at fairs in 3 other states. If I setup locations for those other states will customers who purchase on my online shop get sales tax added because of that? To clarify, I'm in NH so no sales tax here, but if I setup a location in VT for a fair would VT people get sales tax added in my online shop?


Also, is the inventory tied across all locations or are there separate inventory counts for each location?



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Hi @Amanda32,


Nick here from Shopify. These are really good questions!


The main thing to remember with taxes on POS is that the Shopify POS app applies taxes based on the store location that you assign to your POS device. Store locations must be included in your shipping zones for taxes to be calculated correctly with POS sales. Whenever you install the Shopify POS app on a device, you would make sure that you select your location so that the correct tax rates are applied. Because you are physically in another state selling, you would need to abide by the tax laws of that state. Shopify has a great guide for how to set up taxes in the USA which you can read here


Regarding the inventory with locations and POS. If you have multiple locations, then only the products stocked at your Shopify POS device’s assigned location are available for sale (in the products view). This means you would need to create a location for each place you want to physically sell in. Shopify also has a great guide all about POS locations and inventory which you can see here


I hope this helps and answers your questions. 


All the best

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