No Option to Collect Retail Sales Tax for IN-STORE pickup for Brick & Mortar stores who have Shopify Online store as well

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I just switched to Shopify and my site went live a few days ago.  While I LOVE most aspects of shopify, I must say I am completely amazed/shocked this sales tax collection issue has not been addressed.  I can't be the only Online retailer who also has retail locations and needs this feature to comply with sales tax collection???!!! I have 2 retail jewelry store locations - one in Aspen, one in Carbondale Colorado.  On our website we have an option "in-store pickup" and the customer can select which store they would like to pick up their jewelry.  Its a convenience factor I guess.  What SHOULD happen LEGALLY is there should be a tax rate for that location that is charged and collected upon checkout- based on the customer choosing the in-store pickup option.  ...anyway, if the customer has a Colorado address, Shopify will charge ONLY the state tax rate, but there is no way for me to charge/collect the actual total sales tax due at my retail location- Shopify support says there is only ONE location attributed to a shopify online store- and that would be Colorado I guess.  Additionally, if the customer is, say, from NY but happens to be visiting our towns & wants to do in-store pick up NO tax is collected because their account info (what state they live) overrides the fact that the items are being picked up from a retail location in Colorado.  AAARGH.  This seems like a simple coding issue.  I can't believe this hasn't been addressed!  And, yes, this Does happen.  I just launched my shopify site 3 days ago and already have had two in-store pickup orders. 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Good Morning Harmony,

There is an option to set up automatic tax rates and specify your two Colorado locations which will tell Shopify the correct information to base tax calculation on.

Unfortunately if a customer from NY places an order with that shipping address tax will not be calculated. They would need to use a Colorado address even with the Automatic tax rates option since the shipping method doesn't change their address (the in store pick up option is just a message and doesn't affect the checkout).

This should also help if you take sales with Shopify Mobile as the location of your phone will be used to determine the correct state, county and city level tax as appropriate.

Feel free to send me an email if you want to discuss this further as it relates to your store


Alex Massaad -