Open Price in POS

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Hi there,


As far as I can tell, this has been a feature request since you were in Beta... Not sure why this has not been implemented as of yet, but I'm curious to know where this lands on your priority list and why it has not been implemented as of yet? This hugely impacts our day-to-day operations when our sales/expenses are irreconcilable at the end of the day.


Just FYI, I am aware of the "create item valued at $1 and add multiple items to cart until it equals the total", but this is very bad practice and it kills me that this is what we're doing. We are not a pop up. We have actual accounting needs.  


Shopify has been telling us non-stop how "Retailers are the Priority" and yet such a simple feature goes unnoticed for 5 years? 


To be frank, you are actively hurting retailers by forcing them to spend $10, $20, $50+++ every month on 3rd party apps for the most basic of retail requirements.