Open Pricing/Pricing per unit

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We have a farm market and bakery and are looking for solutions to selling produce and other items by the pound. Just want to clarify that I am looking for a solution and not a work around. The custom sale button does give us the work around. But we are a busy farm market and typing the name and price of the product everytime is not and option for us. We also know about the setting an item to a certain price and increasing the cart etc. I would like an option to have an open price button or the option to set a price per pound of a product and be able to use it! I think you are losing out on a lot of potential customers in not having this option. Do you have any timeline on when this will happen? Can you please suggest this to get corrected asap? Thank you. 

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This is exactly the question I came to the forum to ask.  Your question is almost 3 years old.  Was any resolution found?