Open or Variable Price item in POS

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I see several posts on this topic, gong back as far as 2014.  I did not find any post of a resolution or innovation.  Anyone have an update?

I'd like to have a couple products in my POS that are open priced.  That meaning that I have an item set up & can assign price for each order.  For example, we have small quantities of fabric we run out as remnants.  Each is has a different price and all are tracked as one inventory item in our system.


I know the work around, I am asking if there is actual resolution to the issue.  We are too fast paced to type in descriptions, using the work around, on each transaction.

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Please. This is a big deal.

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I just spent a few hours trying to hack through this one myself and the "guru" that I spoke with felt that this is a novel request, yet I don't feel it is. At this point, while it is not helpful advice, all I can say is that POS stands what most people think it stands for, and that is not "point of sale"......

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I'm so glad people are talking about this! We also need this feature. We sell products at fixed prices but we also have repair services that have no fixed price. We'd still like to track the repairs and their associated analytics but don't want to use Custom Sale each time which I don't think will track what we want.


Any solutions??



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Please update this Shopify! I have 4 shopify online stores and I really want to use the POS for my bricks and mortar store but we simply cant use Shopify POS until they put in an option for either a product with variable/open price or make it possible to have some trackable categories in the custom sale option. There would be so many more stores using this POS if they would update this feature. Currently I am using the paypal here app which allows you to create trackable categories and  you enter the price each time. Shopify will you be adding this as a feature? Or can anyone recommend an affordable POS with this feature?

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I also need this feature.  come on shopify.

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We need this too!

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I am one step away from cancelling my shopify account because they see completely out to lunch about how people actually use a real POS program in a retail brick and mortar shop. I need a variable price product to use the POS at all and its the only real reason I signed up for shopify. 

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I am beyond frustrated about this as well.  It is such an important feature and so basic I don't understand.  I just spent weeks uploading product building out my website, setting up the pos system and now I am realizing that it is going to create more work for me.  This is not even something I would have ever of thought would not be available on a POS system. 

Please Shopify add it.  I am now thinking that I need to switch again.  When speaking with customer service the rep was so smug and basically said yeah it doesn't sound like it is going to work for you.  When I called him out on having no empathy about the situation he repeated his response in a pretty robotic way.  I am a florist with a gift store...I am not a complex business.  Being able to enter a custom price on a product at the point of sale is a pretty basic feature.  SHOPIFY listen to your end users...your pos system is not made for small business users and that is a shame. 

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I Totally agree Raven! All the other POS systems have an open proce feature and it would be so great to be able to keep my online store inventory and my shop inventory in the same site and be able to do stock transfers. I really love my shopify online stores (we have 4 of them!) and cant use the POS! It seems so stupid that Shopify wont add this feature - imagine how many more subscribers they would have for just a little bit of development in the POS. Come on Shopify!! Get it happening!  I have opted for MOBI Pos. Its inexpensive and has a lot of functionality that would work just fine for your florist shop. The support is great too, theres just one guy I deal with and he emails me back straight away and doesnt seem to mind even the simplest of questions