Open or Variable Price item in POS

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I agree that this is a simple feature that should be a basic option.  I switched from Square and WooCommerce and am trying to launch POS in my store but keep hitting roadblocks.  I have spent a LOT of time building out many variants on products that used to be a variable price item in Square.

I'm not interested in another app as someone mentioned above.  This should just be another product and I already had to add too many paid apps to gain the same functionality I had on my WooCommerce site.  I'm considering only switching the website and sticking with my Square for Retail at this point.

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Hi This would work but for the fact you cant override the price to more than the original price

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We too would love this feature.. almost every other POS ive used has it.. seems like a basic function and one that people have been asking for for years.

Come on shopify, make it happen

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We have been asking Shopify to fix this half baked feature since the day POS was introduced and they have been completely silent. The current implementation is completely useless and in our case causes our customers to be charged the wrong tax amount as there is no way to assign a tax override to the single custom sale button Shopify gives us. Calls to Shopify to discuss are frustrating at best. I’m left to wonder if they even care about the customer


Shopify we need a response, even if it’s to say we will never fix this. We just need to know.

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WORK-AROUND  (not pretty!)

Create 2 items, e.g. "meal-dollars" and "meal-cents".  Set the price at $1 and $.01 respectively.  Set your taxable option.  Set a separate TYPE (e.g. "Meal") for exclusive reporting purposes.

When checking out, simply adjust the QTY of each item to reflect the total price in both dollars and cents.

The receipt will show large quantities, but will accomplish your purposes for reporting.