Opinions on how to migrate data from Vendhq to Shopify POS

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Hi guys


Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to do the following in a way that my data will not be compromised or duplicated. 

I have a client who is currently running their POS through Vendhq and website through Magento. Due to some technicalities, the POS does not integrate with Magento and hence the move to Shopify and Shopify POS.

Here's the scenario:

Customer data is collected on both POS and also Magento. However, most of the in store customer details are not on Magento. 

There's also the case of about 20% of products in Vend are not in Magento. 


What is the best way to pull the data from both ends with the least amount of work and without compromising any of the data that may potentially be duplicated?


Thank you and appreciate it.

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Did you succeed with the migration.. I am in a similar predicament.. would you be able to offer a solution to us?

Simon Gabriel