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On several occassions, especially a cash sale our salespeople forget to take a customer name with the sale. Without a name or email our orders cannot pass through to Apparel Magic our central hub. When this happens the items are not taken out of inventory and the sales do not pass through to accounting. For the life of me I see no way to simply go into Shopify and add a customer or default name to a sale! Apart from returns, credits and exchanges, editing an order is about as basic a POS function there is and I am staggered none of this can still be done on Shopify. And I am sick of paying for 3rd party sketchy apps to handle these simple and elemental functions.
Any solutions? I see some of these same requests go back almost 10 years on these forums!

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I hope the edit order can be added to the platform, this is a very basic and necessary tool for all merchants. It seems that there are a lot of apps out there but don't see why we should have to pay an additional $20 per month for this option.


It seems that Shopify is avoiding adding this very simple function and maybe monetising it through these add-on apps.


Look forward to having an update for this very soon