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Where's the best place to make requests for features on Shopify POS? We've just migrated over from Lightspeed Onsite and there are a number of essential features I wrongly assumed would be available on Shopify POS that aren't. 

Thank you!

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Hey there,

Which features exactly are you looking for? 

The community channel here is a great place to start with. 

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Hi there
Thanks for the quick response!

Unfortunately, we’re finding a lot of very basic features that we’ve been accustomed to with Lightspeed Onsite missing from Shopify POS. I understand that it’s in its infancy (maybe some of these features are already available but we haven’t found them yet?)

1. Stock reservations - When a customer orders something that isn’t in stock, Lightspeed adds that specific item to a list under the relevant supplier for our next purchase order. When the item arrives into stock, that particular customers’ order is marked as ready to ship/invoice and the order is fulfilled. I understand Stocky is in the process of being a staple part of the Shopify platform, maybe this will be resolved when this happens?

2. Customer reservations - We get customers wanting to reserve an item in stock and pay for it in instalments over a number of weeks/months (Christmas/Birthday presents etc). With Lightspeed, we’re able to create an order for this customer which will reserve the item and allow us to add as many payments as needed until the balance is cleared. The item is deducted from the available stock list and so isn’t shown on the website, POS or any other channel for sale. This is a very common transactional process for ourselves and I imagine many other smaller local shops like us.

3. In relation to the above, there is nothing to differentiate an order from an invoice. If a customer orders an item that isn’t in stock, we wouldn’t mark that item as “invoiced” as we haven’t been able to fulfil the order. Currently, Shopify will mark a sale as an order regardless of whether it has been fulfilled or not. This can be confusing on many levels, not least for customers needing information to register products for warranty etc. This also makes things tricky for tax returns, I usually declare sales when the final payment has been made and the product has left the shop.

There are some other smaller features (margin calculator for example) that we would like to see, but the above are the most disruptive missing elements to our workflow, especially coming up to Christmas where things are usually intensified.

The Web side of Shopify is far better than anything else we’ve demo’d/used. The POS side is letting us down at the moment, i’m sure i’m not the only customer who is needing such features?

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Hey there! Sean from Shopventory here. We're a Shopify app. Here's our listing. 

Good questions here. I'm not sure how all of the built in tools work in Shopify, but I do know that we have some features that can help fill in the gaps. Here's what I'm thinking: 

1. Stock Reservations - Shopventory does not have a great solution to help out here but it is great for us to consider. Thank you for providing the detail so we can discuss as a team. 

2. Customer Reservations - We can definitely help out here. We have an invoicing module where you can mark an item as "fulfilled", but not paid yet. You can log multiple payments over whatever timeframe you'd like to. Here's a help article on that. 

3. I think I may have answered this question above... It sounds like what you're hoping to accomplish is to have the customer pay you for a product that may not be in stock yet. You don't want to deduct it from inventory, but you do want to post a payment to it. Am I correct? 

4. Profit margin calculator - This wasn't a specific question you asked, but we do have a pricing calculator in our system. Here's a help doc on that too.

Hope this is helpful! We have a bunch of other tools that I think you may like to test out. Do you think I should have someone on my team reach out to chat over the phone (we have great customer support)? You can also feel free to email me directly at sean@shopventory.com