POS Integration and Checkout API

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I have integrated the "POS" sales channel on my store and trying to integrate the "Checkout API". But, I am receiving the following error of the POST request:


"errors": "[API] This action requires merchant approval for write_checkouts scope."


I am for now integrating the API on POSTMAN with the POST request 
url: https://{api_key}:{password}@{store_name}.myshopify.com/admin/checkouts.json

and in the headers section 
storefrontAccessToken: {storefrontAccessToken}

contentType : application/json

Also, i have checked for the scopes that can be accessed by the store through the API  "/admin/oauth/access_scopes.json" and in the response i am getting that i have access to "write_checkouts" scope.

Can you guide us as to where are we going wrong. Also, please let me know whether there are any additional settings to be done once the "POS" sales channel is integrated in the store.Waiting in anticipation for your reply.