POS Link not working for application

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I have one application in shopify partners which has link

So Whenever some clicks on /apps page it opens with that url.

Now we have developed feature for POS integration. But we are testing it on https://sandbox.getflits.com
Now I added POS cart link in application extension area (https://sandbox.getflits.com/pos/1/popup)  in same application.
But When going to access it in POS android/ios application from cart it opens https://app.getflits.com/pos/1/popup.

This is not normal behaviour. 
Any suggestions would be great.

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @milindpatel ,


It appears that only the paths of the POS Links are honoured, so if the domain differs from the App URL it will be ignored. You may want to create a new App for your staging environment, and then use the sandbox subdomain for its App URL, and the POS Links.


I'll create a ticket to update our docs and/or add validation to the Partner Dashboard to make this more evident.


Hope this helps,