POS Lite - Ship To Customer

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Since the upgrade to POS shipping to customers has become a nightmare! We use POS lite at events on weekend, works fine when we have stock but when we run out and we need to post the order out the following week, you have to go and mark it unfulfilled than add customer, there is no option to add postage (which was available before the upgrade) and than when we get home we have to go and add the address in as it doesn't automatically pick up the address that is entered when adding a new customer. Is very time confusing and leads to errors due to the multiple steps.
Ship to customer is easy in the Pro version but it is the only feature we need and not worth an extra $80 a month when some months we have no events. If the lite version is meant for pop up stand, markets, fairs etc  than why isnt ship to customer a feature as surely it would happen often where business run out of stock/products and have to post out.
Does anyone have a solution for this?
Love shopify for my website but hate the current version of POS so much so that I am considering moving everything somewhere else